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Question about custom shader pack

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2022 1:12 pm
by mortexic
Hey all,

A server rules question that isn't covered by the FAQs/etc which were mostly written a decade ago :-)

What is the position on RTX-like shader packs?
Specifically the combination of OptiFine and ComplementaryShaders ?

This doesn't enable any kind of x-ray or cheat functionality, and the youtube video on the complementary-shaders page demonstrates the effect - it just pumps the visuals up a bit.

I'm looking to do a youtube video showing off some of the server's interesting locations, and would like to spice up the visuals a bit, but I'd rather not get banned while I'm doing it. I've been here since the old old days, so I care a bit about my "reputation" and all that ;-)