How does the anti-grief system work?

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How does the anti-grief system work?

by killbot11 » Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:34 pm

Yeah, the subject basically sums it all up.
At what point does a structure/expedition become protected?
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Re: How does the anti-grief system work?

by Neko92 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 3:17 am

I'm sure there is more to it but essentially every block has a weight value to it. So dirt blocks and torches would likely have a small weight while rarer more expensive blocks like dragon eggs and beacons have a much higher one. Presumably (but dont quote me on this) The higher the value the larger the effective radii it has when placed. Placing a diamond block would effect say 6 block radius while a iron block would only effect 2 block radius. The further from the block itself the weaker the effect. (try to visualize this by looking at the shading or light value a torch gives off at night with low settings).
In this scenario if you place a diamond block down then its strongest at the block and weakens as it goes them 6 radii away. however if you place another diamond block 5 blocks away then the 2 block values combine making a stronger protection in the unbuilt space between them.

The anti-grief just reads the information to determine who is and is not allowed based on the work they've done in the area. Say I place a DB then Ace does, Then I do then Ace Etc Etc. We would share the land because every other DB I place shares values with the ones he places. If I were to place 8 DB in a area and he only places 2. I own 80% of that area and he only owns 20%. If I place more, his ownership value drops till its equivalent to nothing.

When a mod or wall-e says land is claimed by building on it... We mean the more you build the more protection there is. If you spam dirt blocks everywhere you will have little to no protection because dirt has little value. If you however build a house, there will be better protection because processed blocks (those crafted or smelted like planks or stone) have more value.

Anti-grief interprets the information quicker than a human can. But when there is disputes due to human error (such as someone suddenly deciding they don't want their friend to build there anymore) you can ask a mod to come and help. We can use a tool hilariously named to see these percentages of ownership to manipulate it when problems arise.

As I stated to begin with I'm sure there is more to it. but for the longest time that has been my understanding of the system. Hopefully this answers your q.

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Re: How does the anti-grief system work?

by kenster1965 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:00 pm

Thanks Neko,
After reading that it makes sense (thinking back to building with my son's) and I didn't even ask the question.

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